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PostSubject: IDP--ISLAMIC DEMOCRATIC PARTY--3   IDP--ISLAMIC DEMOCRATIC PARTY--3 EmptyThu Apr 10, 2008 3:43 pm

Explanation of the IDP programmed for the change of socio-political system.

Q.7. How the IDP inclined, encourage and develop youth force for the benefit of society?

A.7. The role of youth in the rebuilding of Pakistan should be envisaged and elaborated in such a way that it becomes easy to address the grievances and suggest ways out of it, so that a new era of dawn can be started. Since the creation of Pakistan, the Pakistani is deprived of their basic right to rule this country according to their aspiration and dream. At the same time, the real strength for the development along with their internal skill i.e. the youth power of Pakistan was left alone in isolation at the mercy of circumstances and their basic right to get the development opportunity without any discrimination was denied. Pakistan is a country of diversified culture and traditions. It is a nation of one hundred sixty million diverse people ranging from having skill within, having no opportunity to utilize the skills, and those who need help and guidance for development of skills to utilize. Pakistan is a melting pot of creative ideas and god gifted skill. But it needs organized planning and a system to develop and utilize these skills for rapid development in industrialization and agricultural sector.
Though the youth of Pakistan is still under its formative phase, they have the ability to increase vast production processes and providing substantial training to the masses in all parts of the country. According to the vision of the father of the nation, Pakistan was to be a democratic country based on the concept of equal citizenship for all Pakistani, irrespective of their colour and creed. As per Jinnah's vision, Pakistan had to facilitate vibrant economic opportunities by curbing corruption and partiality. Although this speech was censored by those who wanted to create confusion, derail democracy, and deny the development as per aspirations of Pakistani.
The Youth of Pakistan, the "Nation Builders", are also nullified and ignored in sharing the rewards given to us by our mother land. The country, which was established after countless sacrifices of our forefathers to attain the liberty, prosperity and peace, simply. For being free and prosperous Pakistani. But, In return, our rulers have given this country nothing but a gloomy future, poverty and betrayal. As a result, our youth has been co notated as “Young Seagulls” trying to fly without feathers towards their destiny. Pakistanis in their quest for real freedom continue to struggle to get free from the shackles of ruling elites, encircle us. Whenever a person rises up for something new in his mind, it is pressed down as being a "rebellious thought".

The question is, to what extent such a paralyzed mind and body can serve the nation? In fact, the "Nation Builders" themselves need overhauling and ample space to fly. Unless and until, we develop an optimistic thinking and unshackled of the chained, our journey to the country's prosperity cannot reach its destination. We should not lose the right path for the fear of being followed by absurdities and unfair means, like a dark shadow. Islamic Democratic Party has decided to give the rain of socio-political change in the hand of new generation in Pakistan. IDP wants them to read and understand the program and come forward to lead this party at grass route level to decide the fate of their future destination and take power in their hands.
As the Pakistani people, have been left at a distance from the corridor of power so that the ruling elite can do what they wanted to do in favour of their interest, leaving the Pakistani people at the mercy of circumstances. This policy is an outright denial of the right of Pakistanis to rule their country according to their aspiration and desire to build this country, which can provide equal opportunity to all, without any discrimination for the establishment of welfare society. Only the society based on tolerance, equality and justice can be the real guarantee for a prosperous and strong Pakistan.

Islamic democratic party has accepted this challenge to rationalize the system from its base of centralization of sole power, controlled by the feudal and mighty elites, to the new base of decentralization of power in the hands of Pakistani at grass route level so that the route cause of deprivation, hatred and poverty could be eliminated and Pakistan can become a prosperous, developed state without any discrimination. Under the name and banner if Islamic Democratic party (IDP), the power should transfer at divisional level within the provinces with
financial, administrative and political power to establish real democracy in Pakistan. The divisional council will be responsible for providing the basic guarantee for the people living or settled in the division with transparency and accountability of the public representative and institution, where as provinces should be based on democratic division and the centre should be based on democratic provinces. There will be no politician in the senate but experts form all walks of life, including religious scholars assuring that no law can pass in NA against the law of Allah.

We have already lost the major part of Pakistan in 1971 simply to save the centralized sole power to exploit the resources of this country, they let the country breaking, in a part then allowing the masses to rule this country democratically. In the present circumstances they are again dragging our sovereignty at stack for the external interest in the name of national interest, instead of our interest i.e. the interest of Pakistani people at large.

The only way out of these crucial circumstances is to empower the common Pakistani at grass route level i.e. the change of system. This change is inevitable for the prosperous Pakistan .As a citizen of this country I have try to provide an alternate socio-political system to empower the masses at grass route level for rapid industrial and agriculture development with transparency and accountability in the system. Along with basic guarantees for the creation of welfare state, where in public representative and institution shall be answerable and accountable to the masses.

Q.8. How the IDP tackles the Corruption and Quality control system?

A.8. Corruption Committee:

Corruption Committee will be formed to assist institutes fighting corruption in the country. The committee members will be from all the district of the division, their job will be to smell any thing wrong within the construction process or payment of uncertified work or any kind of understanding during any deal or commitment for corruption and dig out the rout cause .The committee will be accountable to the divisional council of the area. All financial and other experts will be assigned this job to protect the society from the cancer of corruption.

Quality Control:

In order to look after the development work and production of consumable within the divisions, a quality control committee will be formed consisting upon / comprising of experts from all the district of the division. After their verification for the quality work according to the international standard, the payment will be possible and consumable products as per specification mentioned on the label could be released in the market for consumer use. This committee will report to Divisional Council and will be accountable for that work, payment and quality verification involved.

Q.9.How the Cooperating farming will help to solve the problem for providing cheep food products in the market?

A.9 Cooperative farming: Pakistan is an agricultural country. Agriculture is traditionally considered a rural activity. However with rapid change in rural-urban migration, the demographic scene in the country has changed radically. Greenhouse production, dairy, poultry and food processing plants, and the production and marketing of pre-cooked foods etc. have acquired tremendous importance. We must therefore recognize urban agriculture as an important component and specifically prepare manpower for this activity. Islamic Democratic Party will set up a network of service centres for farmers at Division level and reforming land acquisition laws and computerize land records, ownership and all other relevant information

However, IDP will initiate and inclined all the farmers within the division to be members of the Co-operative without any discrimination weather small farmer or big one, which will be run by experts along with the representative from the members of the cooperative, the council will provide them useful information about the corps and support to the cooperative. Divisional Council will protect the interests of the farmers and consumers. All the government unused land in council area will be allotted to the farmers for cultivation. The council will provide all financial help, mechanical help seeds agriculture expertise, irrigation and market services to the cooperative. It is our utmost desire to increase irrigation area through construction and optimal use of water through small, medium and large irrigation projects within division from beginning to end the network of cannel, required water will be supplied to the farming areas, Providing reasonable return to the farmers and cheep food supply to the consumers.

All the members of the cooperative will be responsible to work on their land, in other case the land less farm labour will work for them and be given payment by the council from the earning of those particular land owners. The farmers will be trained in all respects by the cooperative. At the end of the day the total production will be sold to the group of the business people at a price with reasonable profit. In turn the business group from the chamber of commerce will be responsible to supply the product at reasonable profit to whole sellers and wise a versa to the retailers alternately the product will reach to the consumer at price they can easily afford .The mass production with mechanical, use will produce the production in huge quantity and therefore will be possible to provide it to consumer at cheep price defeating profit mongers and stockiest exploiting the market demand and supply rule. At the same time agro industries will be developed to utilize the by product of the farm and generating employment in the rural area and more revenue will be generated.

Q.10. How did the IDP; generate the required funds for basic guarantee and development?

A.10. For a prosperous and stable government, resources play a backbone role. That’s why taxes are implemented worldwide. Pakistan's tax system is unfair, complicated, and takes money out of the pockets of the poor to pay for the extravagant lifestyle of the ruling elite.

Taxes are inevitable to support government programmed, but should the poor continue to bear a larger burden? According to this programmed, every division will be responsible for tax collection for the division, province and the centre in its respective area. From this total tax, 40 percent will be kept with Division, 20 per cent will be given to the province and 40 per cent will be provided to the centre. Beside this, income from the underground resources will also go to the council and distributed accordingly to the province and centre.

An Islamic Democratic Party will encourage and motivate citizens to create wealth and share part of their hard-earned income by paying tax, which will be used by the Divisional Council for the establishment of welfare state.
More generation of revenue will come from mass industrialization of small, medium and cottage industries. Retail and whole sell businesses and all those working, will share their contribution as the generated revenue, and is to be use for the welfare of the society. We will develop a transparent system for revenue collection so that no one cane betray the society and will, willingly provide their share in the development process .So far the collection process is concern all those working for other will be involved to realize the dream come true.

See www.idp.org.pk

Ilyas khan Baloch
Islamic Democratic Party

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