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PostSubject: IDP----ISLAMIC DEMOCRATIC PARTY--4   IDP----ISLAMIC DEMOCRATIC PARTY--4 EmptyThu Apr 10, 2008 4:11 pm

Explanation of the IDP programmed for the change of socio-political system.

Q.11. Will the provinces be eliminated by the IDP in new system?

A.11. No, the provinces will be based on democratic division and centre, on the democratic provinces .Provincial government will be comprised of the members of Divisional Council (councillors). All the councils will provide equal members for the provincial Assembly. While doing so divisional council will make sure that the members elected through voting must be in equal numbers from the entire district within the council. The vacant post in respective area will be replaced by the new elected members. The chief minister, (the only minister in the assembly) will be selected through majority votes of the provincial members. As there will be no more ministers the provincial departments shall be controlled by the committee. Committees will be formed to run the provincial organization. The head of provincial organization will be answerable to the committee and the committee will be answerable to the provincial assembly. These committees will carry equal representatives from each division within the province; therefore, committee members shall be answerable to his respective divisional council, district and constituencies. The Islamic Democratic Party is determined to provide a credible new leadership that can restore Pakistan's political and economic sovereignty by building a new bond of trust between the government and the people. Through the active participation of the people and collectively, mobilize our human and material resources to forge ahead on the road to a confident and self-reliant nation.

The responsibility of the provincial government shall be to cooperate with the centre for their duty in providing currency and communication to the division of the respective province.

The second job of the PG is to help and encourage backward division in planning and investment generation to utilize their resources to provide basic guarantee to the people within the division.

For which every division will provide 20% of the total income.

Q.12. How the centre Government will work?

For stable democracy, it is the need of time to create sense of responsibility among mass which can only be developed by their active participation in to the day to day decision making process affecting their life. It will defuse the centre of power. Where as relation between centre and provinces are of vital importance. All the provinces will represent equally, the members within the provincial assembly will be electing the members from divisional council within but it is essential that all the divisions get equal representation in the national assembly. The vacant seat in the PA will be filled in by the divisions to the province and vice a versa. The National Assembly will elect one minister from within the elected members, who will be called the prieminister, there, will be no more ministers in the National Assembly. The entire department in the centre will be controlled by the committee consisting upon equal members from the proviences.Beside the policy making the centre will hold the following portfolio of:

Foreign policy

Q.13. How the centre will handle the department under control?


Modern communication services are essential pre-requisite for human and economic development. It will be the responsibility of Central government to main communication between provinces and centre. The centre will be responsible to provide all means of communication to all the division according to their present need and be prepared to face the future needs with collaboration of respected province. The future facilities should be moderate, economical and cheep depending upon development of internal technology from the research base at divisional level, and at centre, to compete the external aggression of technological advancement.


The currency according to the growing need of the society within the divisions should be provided by the centre through province. Therefore all the decisional need will be fulfil.
And a security should be provided to watch any illegal dummy currency to penetrate within the financial structure of the country. The currency should be durable and verifiable within utmost accuracy, in order to develop the trust within the society.

Foreign Policy:

Islamic Democratic Party believe in export oriented foreign policy based on regional and global co existence and development, mean national interest prior to any thing else. For this purpose we will explore the market in our surroundings for potential export of our surplus goods and material and will try to find out the commodities and material we need most from our neighbours such as Iran, Afghanistan, Central Asian Countries, China,India,Nepat,Bhuttan,Bangladesh and Shrilanca.This methods will find a way for our excess production to market and will help our neighbours to find the place for their excess production .We have ample opportunity for the development of regional cooperation without foreign interference in our institution and intimidation otherwise. This act will not provide only market excess but also develop regional cooperation based on co existence and peace in the region, which will alternately reduce the dependency on far away country and create solid bond of trust and mutual development. Alternatively, reducing non productive expenditure from our budget which could be used for further development in the countries.

Foreign Investment:

The foreign investment plays a dominant role in the development of any country. So one cannot ignore the importance of foreign capital, to finance industrial development and expansion of the social services but also to pass on to the people a share of accruing prosperity, a system of public investment corporations will be established to attract savings. The foreign investment will be subject to technology transfer in the country. The foreign investment will be provided all protection and opportunity to develop in our local markets at the end of the day the foreign technology will be sold out to local investor and the foreign investor will have all the right to transfer his fund out of the country or reinvest in the country with other technology

Terrorism in the global environment.

Islamic democratic party condemn all form of terrorism based on religion, ethnic identity, language , colour, regional, technological and occupying terrorism in the world, in order to exploit national resources of other people/nation with intention to grab their land by force under one pretext or the other. IDP wants to establish a society base on peace, equality, tolerance and justice in Pakistan and will work to promote peace in the region, and will contribute for global peace.


The shortcomings of our system of military defence must be made good. The defence should be based on intrinsic development of technology which can face the challenge of 21st centuries; there fore we will encourage research and development work at all level to fill the gap. we do not believe in depending on others .The IDP do not believe in conventional weapons and conventional army .We will encourage small national army with equal representation from all the division according to their knowledge and abilities.

The excess army be relieved from the armed forces but will not rendered jobless, we will accommodate them in creative purpose for construction of dam and other water storage resources in all the division according to their need with development of network of cannels and their maintenance work will be assigned to the ex- protector of the country with dignity and respect for their respective past service to the nation. We will encourage national defence based on atomic, space and computer technology to protect the established welfare society and industrialization of economy, cultures and religious values. All the youth in the Higher education will be provided compulsory army training to fill the gape in case of eventual happening.

The head of three armed wing shall be answerable to the elected members of the assembly through the committee looking after defence department. No foreign contact will be encourage or allowed for any armed wing personal without prior approval of the defence committee.

Q.14.The formation of senate, will the politician join the senate?

A.14. No politician be allowed to join the senate. In order to help the members in the National Assembles, the senate will be created for the help of National Assembly ,with the insertion of experts from all the walk of life to assist the national assembly in their decision making process. The senate members will come in equal representation from all division from their respective registered organization through election within the organization. Senate will also include the religious scholar; their duty is to check if any National Assembly decision is against the law of Al-mighty Allah. In that case a religious committee within the senate has the power to stop the National Assembly decision. Other then that, the senate did not have power to reject the National Assembly decision.
Senate is responsible to help to rectify the decision, provide necessary advice and suggestions to the national assembly during the decision making process but can not reject the decision of the national assembly, being the public representative, other then the decision against the law of Allah.

Q.15. who can be the president of Country?

A.15. Selection of president: Any Pakistani tax payer is eligible for the election of president of Pakistan .The national assembly has the right to elect the president, the tenure of the president will be the same as of national assembly. President is care taker for national assembly and senate along with division and provinces. But president has no power to break the national assembly or senate at all.

In case of death or other reason accepted by the national assembly the leader of the senate will preside as president till national assembly select other presidents. In any case the president will have to accept the supremacy of Islam as state religion with equal protection to the minority religion in the country.

See www.idp.org.pk

Ilyas khan Baloch
Islamic Democratic Party

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